Vision & Methodology


The vision of RedZebra Foundation is to see a world where young people are confident to make informed choices that constructively impact themselves and their communities. We strive to create an inclusive, vibrant society where young people can fully engage in co-creating safer, healthier communities as they cause positive social change in the broader society and reach their full potential.





 Mission Statement

RedZebra Foundation achieves its vision of youth empowerment through life skills training of young people. Ensuring all our activities operate on the fundamental principle of inclusivity, respect for diversity and abilities, and working towards a community free of discrimination based on gender, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, religion, age, or other areas of injustice.

RedZebra Foundation also collaborates with other organisations to provide training and support awareness campaigns that address issues impacting our youth, providing awareness and training focusing on the following areas:

Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR including HIV/AIDS)

Cultural Diversity & Tolerance


The Environment, Sustainable Livelihoods and Climate Change




speakers, drum, drums, djembe, music, rhythm

Red and White Stripe Methodology

    • Red Stripes, Creative Expression
      the thunder of the drums, power of unified voices, strength of aligned movement through dance.
    • White Stripes, Facilitated Dialogue:
      silence, introspection, active listening and purposeful dialogue.
    • Safe environment:
      young people develop trust and open up to each other. This encourages young people to make personal, emotional connection with the issue discussed, which is essential to facilitate sustainable behavior change.

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